Financial Planning

Basic Financial Planning

This is our most popular financial planning service. From the Planning Services Menu (below), clients select the specific priorities on which they want to focus. The areas most often chosen by clients for analysis and updated recommendations are investment review, retirement accumulations or distributions, education planning (if applicable), basic estate planning, and a review of recent tax law changes and related strategies. All recommendations are presented in a report that is reviewed and discussed during an office meeting. This service is most often followed by a yearly office meeting for an annual review along with occasional phone calls or meetings as the need arises. The annual review also gives clients the opportunity to address any new areas that had not previously been a priority. Clients utilizing this service typically fall within a wide range of personal net worth that could be from $200,000 to $2 million dollars. The fees are determined by the needs and complexity of each situation and are based on the amount of time required to address individual priority issues.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

This is our most extensive, in-depth planning service as it evaluates the client’s total financial solution. All of the items from the Planning Services Menu (below) that apply to individual needs and objectives are considered. We gather all relevant financial information, so that we may thoroughly analyze the data. We also examine the various alternatives within the context of personal attitudes and parameters, while recognizing the varying emotional impact of money on people’s lives. Each client is then provided with an integrated series of written recommendations that helps assure personal financial goals are being pursued. As a follow-up to the meeting in which the recommendations are presented, we also guide clients through the implementation and monitoring of the recommendations. We can coordinate individual decisions with other advisors (attorney, accountant, etc.) if needed. This service usually involves two-three meetings each year. Clients utilizing this service often have a minimum net worth of $2 million.

Planning Services Menu

  • Investment Advisory
  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance Review
  • Debt Management
  • Charitable Giving
  • Elder Care Issues
  • Education Funding
  • Retirement Funding & Distributions
  • Retirement Planning & Projections
  • Estate Planning & Gifting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Stock Option Planning


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