Investment Management

We start the investment management process by working with each individual to identify tolerance for risk (e.g. conservative, moderate or aggressive), specific investment goals, income needs, and time horizon. In order to keep costs low, the primary investment vehicle is no-load mutual funds including both actively managed funds along with index funds. We believe that diversification among and within multiple investment categories can help reduce risk while increasing returns. We do not believe in trying to time the market nor will we chase the current hot sector by greatly overweighting a specific market segment.

Our disciplined approach simplifies the investment management process by saving clients’ time, reducing paperwork and providing each client with the comfort that financial professionals are responsible for monitoring each portfolio to assure consistency with individual client parameters.

In addition to ongoing oversight of each portfolio, our clients receive confirmations of each transaction, monthly statements, performance reports and market updates, at least one office meeting each year and unlimited direct telephone access with questions about the account. The minimum amount to open an account is $100,000.

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